Charity @ CrossTie

The Charity @ CrossTie is a non-profit arm of the organisation formed to create a coalition of caring professionals who have committed to consistently reach and assist people who are often forgotten by society. Specifically, we are aggressively working to make a difference in the quality of life for youths, the prisoners and the elderly.

The Charity @ CrossTie is dedicated to providing the finest resources for inspiration, counselling, training and development for these important members of our society. Your engagements and purchase of CrossTie products also contributes to the Charity. 5% of all our earnings will be donated to fund its efforts.


With your support, and through the structure of this organisation, we will be able to reach hundreds of thousands of people and give them a new sense of possibility. As a member, you can support us in three different ways: monthly, annually or financially. 

Monthly Commitment – As a member of the group, you will be asked to make a one year commitment to visit an assigned prisoner, elderly or mentor a youth on a monthly basis. Your visits will be designed to listen to your partner and share your experiences with them. You will ultimately, through your skill, caring and commitment, help them to increase the quality of their life.

Annual Commitment – As a member of the group, you will also be asked to organize, create awareness and mobilize youths, prisoners and elderly to at least one of our programmes per year within your community.

Financial Commitment: As a member of the group, you will be asked to donate towards our programmes for the prisoners, elderly and youths within or outside your community.

Life is a gift, and all of us who have the capacity must remember that we have the responsibility to give something back. Your contributions, both financially and physically, can truly make a difference. Please join us now and commit to helping those less fortunate enjoy a greater quality of life.                                                              

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