The Competent Manager


This informative, educative and comprehensive development programme of CrossTie Solutions, “The Competent Manager” is a quintessential approach painstakingly put together as a solution to the general incompetence peculiar to managing an organisation in the present-day world. Studies have shown that many have failed in their approach to leadership as a manager because they were unable to harness the necessary skills needed to ensure a tested and cutting edge technique for managing people in the modern-day world. This resourceful development training will help managers understand basic and necessary strategies for negotiating, managing performance and influencing their team members. It stands as a potent solution to the ravaging incompetence or mismanagement in the workplace.

This Competent Manager training will highlight:

• Identifying causes of conflict at work and overcoming them
• Consciously ascending the organisation Ladder; self-investment
• Significance of Strategy and Strategic Plans
• Discover how to apply EQ in the workplace for building teamwork and accountable leadership
• Linking business and financial strategic decision-making processes with financial planning and budgeting
• Building personal credibility
• Resolving ethical dilemmas


Course Objectives

At the end of this CrossTie training course, you will learn to:

• Enhance understanding of the role of the employee assistance program.
• Develop and apply strategic thinking to business planning.
• Use acquired knowledge to review organisation practice against given theoretical models and considered responses to given problems.
• Cultivate empathy or the ability to understand the emotional makeup of other people and skill in responding according to their emotional reactions.
• Think strategically and use the strategic management process and its link to KPI systems as a basis for improved decision-making to maximise shareholder wealth.
• Align individual, team and organisational goals.
• Apply a professional, systematic approach to manage projects and project work assignments.

Course Modules
Employee Experience: Relationship and Engagement
Strategic Planning, Execution & Management
Understanding Finance to Influence Strategic Decisions
Emotional Intelligence for Workplace Success
Authentic Leadership Courage, Coaching & Mentoring Skills
DAY 5 (Half Day)
Good to Great: Building the YOU Brand

Optional Modules
1. Planning, Organising & Controlling Projects
2. Connectional Intelligence: The Power of Getting Big Things Done

To be eligible, delegates must score 65% of the course assessment to earn “The Competent Manager” Certification.

Who Should Attend?
This CrossTie training course on The Competent Manager is designed for the following; Aspiring Managers, Managers, Leaders, Professionals


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