The Effective Team Leader


So many challenges have been encountered by team leaders and supervisors from their team members in the workplace. And this has affected their effectiveness as leaders apparently causing a decline in productivity. This educative and empowerment training by CrossTie “The Effective Team Leader” was strategically put together to fill the vacuum in the leadership of these categories of employees. You will uncover the powerful ways to motivate, inspire and get total involvement and commitment from your team. You will take away many practical steps to the issues that you face every day at work and be equipped to deal with tough decisions to lead successfully in today’s fast-paced environment.


This Effective Team Leader training will highlight:
• Using powerful engagement techniques to attain team alignment
• Empowering the team to success
• Managing tasks effectively
• Effective prioritizing to meet deadlines
• Introduction to the main approaches to strategy formulation and goal setting
• How to be more effective, increase personal impact, make better use of time, and delegate appropriately
• Harnessing the dynamics of the team through personality profiling
• Discovering the link between the leader’s behaviour and team performance


Course Objectives

At the end of this CrossTie training course, you will learn to:

• Understand the role of the leader in team situations as the facilitator of engagement, collaboration, innovation, trust and empowerment in team situations.
• Apply basic project planning tools to plan and schedule work.
• Examine and accurately design visionary strategic plans.
• Monitor and adapt your own emotions and behaviours for your benefit and that of your team and department.
• Build an effective team and exceed expectations.
• Read personality preferences and adapt their leadership accordingly.
• Utilise powerful practical and psychological decision-making techniques.

Course Modules
Building Team Excellence
Leading, Managing & Motivating Team Towards Excellence
Managing Multiple Tasks
Strategic Planning & Goal Setting
Leading with Emotional Intelligence
Mastering People Management & Team Leadership

Optional Modules
1. Leading with Critical Thinking, Creativity, and Innovation
2. Managing Conflict, Decision Making, Negotiation & Empowerment

To be eligible, delegates must score 65% of the course assessment to earn “The Effective Team Leader” Certification.

Who Should Attend?
This CrossTie training course on The Effective Team Leader is designed for the following; Team Leads, Supervisors, Section Heads


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