The Productive Employee


This programme “The Productive Employee” is an effective approach put in place to proffer solutions to the ravaging challenge of disorientation common to entry-level staff in the organization. This empowerment programme will bridge the gap between educational qualification and practical application of relevant soft skills in the organization. Upon availing themselves with this programme, entry-level staff will be able to understand the effective approach to fit into the organization structure, apparently enhancing their productivity.


This Productive Employee training will highlight:

  • How to embrace new activities with a can-do attitude
  • The development of communication skills
  • The improvement of influencing abilities
  • The importance of personal integrity
  • The importance of building an organization support network
  • Managing ourselves to overcome stress and pressure at work
  • Being a more rational, disciplined and creative thinker
  • Self-awareness and self-belief as drivers of behaviour
  • Adopting the appropriate attitude as an employee


Course Objectives

At the end of this CrossTie training course, you will learn to:

• Develop improved performance and innovation to act beyond your perceived abilities.
• Negotiate effectively whilst building long term relationships.
• Influence decision making in the workplace.
• Understand and effectively manage the sources of stress in your life and work
• Understand and utilize the immense capacity of your brains to create new ways of thinking and acting.
• Develop a vision for realizing your personal and organizational goals.
• Examine your personal style and drivers of behaviour.

Course Modules
Making Organisational Impact
Personal Effectiveness & Influencing Skills
Communications & Interpersonal Skills
Essential Core Skills of a 21st Century Employee
Developing Critical Thinking and Creativity Skills
Managing Social Stress and Pressure at Work

Optional Modules
1. Priority Management: Optimising Time, Workflow & Productivity
2. Business Communication: Business/Proposal Writing & Presentation Skills

To be eligible, delegates must score 65% of the course assessment to earn “The Productive Employee” Certification.

Who Should Attend?
This CrossTie training course on The Productive Employee is designed for the following: Entry-level employee, Aspiring team leads, Professionals.


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