The Strategic Leader


This highly interactive and thought-provoking CrossTie training course “The Strategic Leader” will stretch your leadership capabilities; as well as provide you with leading-edge skills and know-how to drive your leadership development to a new dimension. 'Strategy - 'the art of war', complex yet when understood very simple, those who have a successful strategy are in control of the upcoming events. You will learn the key competencies to become a Thought Leader, as well as creatively design, develop and implement new ideas for your organisation. It keeps you at the top of every situation in your organisation thereby effortlessly making more profit.

This CrossTie training- “The Strategic Leader” will highlight:

• Creating a work culture where employees feel they add value
• Board Governance Framework
• Roles, Duties, and Responsibilities of a Board
• Improving the performance of an existing company/division/department when faced with major changes in business conditions
• Balancing financial and non-financial objectives and goals
• Defining Thought Leadership and the key competencies required to be a Thought Leader
• Challenging your pre-conceptions about strategic planning, negotiation and conflict management.


Course Objectives

At the end of this CrossTie training course, you will learn to:

• Develop emotional intelligence in yourself and in others.
• Identify the Board Effectiveness Challenges.
• Develop a plan to achieve the goals you want for you and your organization.
• Define the competencies and true value of a Thought leader in an organisation.
• Understand the process of change, planning, organisational strategy, and change.
• Understand the concepts of strategic conceptualisation through to practical implementation.

Course Modules
Advanced Emotional Intelligence
The Strategic Leader – Operational and Tactical
Business Succession Planning
Sustaining Competitive Advantage
Thought Leadership & Leadership Legacy
Building High-Performance Board

Optional Modules
1. LEAD through Disruptive Times
2. Coaching and Mentoring Skills for Leaders

To be eligible, delegates must score 65% of the course assessment to earn “The Strategic Leader” Certification.

Who Should Attend?
This CrossTie training course on The Strategic Leader is designed for the following: Thought Leaders, Top Executives, CEOs, Directors, Professionals


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