Management Consulting


Corporate & Functional Strategy

Get insights on the effective way to map your organisation’s approach to achieving its goals. We will also help prepare a detailed plan to align and move your company units towards these goals.

Business Process Improvement

We leverage insights from our research and experience to identify, analyse, and improve your processes to enhance your workflow, optimise performance, and improve your revenue.

Business Model Transformation

Let go of antiquated business models. Our team of experts will open you to a world of business innovations and disruptive strategies that will help you succeed in this rapidly evolving world.

Succession Planning

Do you have a strategy for replacing leaders within your organisation? Get expert recommendations on how to identify and groom your next set of leaders.

Enterprise Risk Management

Identify and forestall risks associated with your industry and business. We will guide you on acceptable risk appetite and also on risk mitigation.

Culture Transformation

We recommend the best cultural practices based on our analysis of your organisation’s culture, workforce, clientele, and industry to give you a competitive advantage.


Policy Development

Achieve clarity in your company policies with CrossTie. Our policy design expertise cuts across acceptable employee acceptable behaviour, third-party interactions, financials, to operations.

Performance Management

Attain high-level organisational performance, scalability, and long-term management with our enterprise performance management consultations tailored to suit your business.

Learning and Development

At CrossTie, we help you identify and facilitate relevant training courses as well as development activities to boost your employees’ efficiency and business performance.

HR Function

Leverage the competencies of our pool of professionals for your HR support needs. From recruitment, performance management, to training & orientation, we are poised to deliver.

Employee Assistance Programme

Improve operational efficiency by prioritising your employees’ well-being. We provide them physical and mental health support, and self-development aid to improve their productivity.

Compensations & Benefits

We lend a helping hand in creating the most effective compensations and benefits matrix for your organisation, leaving your staff feeling appreciated and wanted.
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