Productivity Guarantee

A Letter to all CrossTie Customers


Greetings Dear Customer,

Our entire life has been continually driven by a compelling focus: What makes the DIFFERENCE in the lives of productive people? What is the SECRET that creates happy, fulfilled and satisfied lives in many? Our obsession began with some simple questions: “How can we take immediate control of people's lives to become more productive? How can we learn, grow, and share the knowledge with others in a meaningful and enjoyable way?”

At an early stage of the company, we developed a belief that we are all here to contribute something UNIQUE. We decided years ago that the most important way we could build a great company would be to INVEST in something that would help people and organisations to become more productive. Today, we have the incredible privilege of commingling our passions with our professions to birth CrossTie Solutions. We are truly grateful to our co-visionaries, partners and well wishers. We are excited for this opportunity to make impact in the lives of people and organisations around the world.

We challenge you not only to read through the contents on this platform, but also to ENGAGE US and use what you learn in simple ways at HOME, WORK and COMMUNITY. This is the all-important step that’s necessary for you to produce that result you’re committed to.



Stay Productive,


The Impacters, CrossTie Solutions.


P.S: In case you are unhappy with your experience, please do inform me. As the CEO, it’s my ultimate responsibility and duty to ensure our customers are productive and happy.